Group booking conditions

Booking conditions for groups of 5 people.


1.1. ECOLOGE is an accommodation facility of the “ecologe” category located at the address: Via de Evitamiento, km.5, 4, Kashibokocha, Pucalpa, Ucayali. The ORGANIZER is a private person representing the interests of a group of 5 people and is responsible for organizing the booking of a place in the ECOLOGE and other planned events for his group.

1.2. The cost of hotel services is set on our website in the “Accommodation” section. If it is necessary to provide additional services, the parties conclude an additional agreement.

1.3. The hotel services provided by the COLLEGE to the ORGANIZER require prior booking by the ORGANIZER of accommodation in the ECOLOGE, and confirmation of their availability by the ECOLOGE.


2.1. The ECOLOGE has the following check-in and check-out times:

  • The Check In of guests starts at 15:00 local time on the day of arrival (the first day of booking).
  • The Сheck Out is before 12:30 local time on the day of departure (the last day of booking).
  • Regardless of the time of entry into the ecologe, the period of stay is considered to be the period until 12:00 the next day.

2.2. If there are available rooms, ECOLOGE allows accommodation of guests after check-out time, taking into account additional payment by the guest for accommodation according to the price list valid in ECOLOGE.

2.3. ECOLOGE performs the settlement on the basis of the booking confirmation sent by e-mail, and subject to the presentation of the guest’s passport and filling out the corresponding Registration Form.

2.4. ECOLOGE reserves the right to receive guests only in quantity according to confirmed booking requests.

2.5. Payment for additional services not included in the cost of hotel services is paid by the guests independently according to the current price list of the ECOLOGE.

2.6. Information and documentary exchange is carried out by the parties via e-mail, which allows to record the fact of sending and receiving information and documents by the parties. Electronic documents are legally equated with the original documents, until the receipt of the original documents.


3.1. In order to confirm the reserve in the ECOLOGE, it is mandatory to make an advance payment to the account according to the bank details provided, an amount of $ 150 or more per person, in the following terms:

  • for groups of guests from 5 to 8 people – at least 2 months in advance;
  • for groups of guests from 8 people and more, at least 3 months in advance.

Information about making an advance payment the ORGANIZER must send an e-mail to ECOLOGE
After receiving the prepayment, ECOLOGE must send the booking confirmation to the ORGANIZER within 48 hours.

3.2. Cancellation of the reservation without compensation by the ORGANIZER of the ECOLOGE, for the forced downtime of the rooms is carried out:

  • for groups of guests from 5 to 8 people – at least 45 days in advance;
  • from 8 people or more – at least 60 days before the agreed arrival date.

3.3. If the cancellation of the application for a group of guests or guests was made in violation of the deadlines or the guests did not arrive (no show) without notice, ECOLOGE has the right to deduct a penalty in the amount of $ 150 per 1 person from the prepayment.

3.4. If the ORGANIZER applies to the ECOLOGE to cancel the application within the time limits not exceeding those specified in Clause 3.2, the ORGANIZER is given one opportunity to postpone the booking for a period of no more than 180 calendar days from the date of the request, provided that there are no other bookings for these dates. This application must be sent by the ECOLOGE ORGANIZER by e-mail. ECOLOGE must review and confirm the application no later than 72 hours.

3.5. If the ORGANIZER refuses to voluntarily pay the penalty, ECOLOGE has the right to withhold the amount due to him from any payment made by the ORGANIZER. Payment of the penalty does not release the ORGANIZER from the fulfillment of obligations.


4.1. ECOLOGE is obliged to:

  • Provide the ORGANIZER with the necessary reliable information related to the ECOLOGE hotel services.
  • Inform the ORGANIZER within 48 hours from the moment of receipt of the booking request, about the booking confirmation, refusal to confirm the booking, or inclusion of the application in the waiting list.
  • To make reservations according to the ORGANIZER’s written requests, duly executed, if there are available rooms.
  • To provide the ORGANIZER with advertising and informational materials.
  • To acquaint the ORGANIZER with the Rules of accommodation of guests in the ECOLODGE.
  • To issue invoices to the ORGANIZER for payment of hotel services.
  • Inform the ORGANIZER in a timely manner about any significant changes in the provision of hotel services in the ECOLODGE.


5.1. THE ORGANIZER undertakes:

  • Send a request for booking hotel services in a timely manner.
  • To pay for hotel services in the amount specified in clause 3.1, according to the invoices issued, by transferring funds to the settlement account of ECOLOGE.
  • Timely provide a payment order confirming the transfer of funds.
  • Do not make changes to the arrival dates, the number of days of stay, the category of rooms specified in the confirmed application without the consent of the ECOLOGE.
  • Maintain constant contact with ECOLOGE up to the moment of their accommodation in the hotel.
  • Do not use advertising, informational and other materials provided by ECOLOGE to advertise the product of other companies.
  • Timely and fully inform the participants of the groups about the consumer properties of ECOLOGE hotel services, including:
    • room categories and type of accommodation;
    • conditions of accommodation and rules of accommodation in ECOLOGE;
    • time of arrival and departure from ECOLOGE;
    • availability of documents required for settling in ECOLOGE;
    • there is no guarantee of accommodation for guests who arrived in violation of deadlines.


6.1. The Parties provide that payment for hotel services is carried out by the ORGANIZER by transferring funds to the ECOLOGE settlement account or in cash.


7.1. ECOLODGE reserves the right to refuse accommodation to arriving guests in case of late payment by the ORGANIZER of funds in accordance with clause 3.1. In this case, the ORGANIZER is responsible to the guests.

7.2. The ORGANIZER is responsible to the members of the group for the accuracy of the information provided about the hotel services of the ECOLOGE.

7.3. Claims of guests to the quality of service and the provision of hotel services by ECOLOGE are sent in writing directly to the ECOLOGE administration during the guest’s stay or within 10 days from the end of the service period.